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Introducing Cannon Canopy


At Design Your Awning we are never standing still. We are always working on bringing attractive and innovative features to our awnings. We would like to take the time to introduce our new awning kit. But it's not just any awning kit; it's an awning kit worthy of its own name.

Cannon Canopy

Cannon Canopy Colors

Our Cannon Canopy was created with our most popular size and scrolls in mind. These awnings come with the same exceptional craftsmanship, but with a savings. We have created a scroll that can be placed in different locations for a perfect fit on any single door or window.
You choose your favorite color and that's it!

Cannon Canopy

The Cannon Canopy metal standing seam awning is manufactured in the USA by Design Your Awning. It is a combination of our most popular size, colors, and scrolls. This awning comes completely assembled and easy to install. Our Cannon Canopy has been engineered and tested to withstand serious wind and snow loads. Installation is as easy as installing three wall Z clips, setting the awning into the clips and attaching the scrolls. The Install Kit includes hardware to attach to wood, brick, stone, stucco, and siding. The frame is manufactured with structural aluminum then powder coated for a lifetime finish. The aluminum standing seam metal is water-repellent and rust-proof with a baked on finish. This is the prefect awning to protect any single door or window from heat and rain.

Canopy Diagram 52" Classic Door/Window Canopy Awning
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More Information

What's in the box?, Color Chart, Measuring Instructions, Installation Instructions.

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