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Choose the Best Awning for a Small Business
7/27/2016 1:51 pm

Awnings give your small business the punch you need to bring in customers. They help you stand out. An awning is also a long-term investment that requires thought and planning. Here we’ll talk about four questions to ask yourself when choosing an awning for your small business.

1. Which awning would attract the customer?

You want your awning to draw in customers, but you also want it to say something about your business. Perhaps you’re a local cheese shop; a French-inspired eyebrow awning in copper would signal to your customer that you know about all things European. Or perhaps you’re a youth-focused, urban clothing store; you might decide on an aluminum wedge awning for its industrial flare.

Remember, your awning should function as an advertisement. If you’re looking at awnings that preference functionality over style, you might want to look again.

2. Which awning will last the longest?

There are lots of factors that affect the life of an awning. Sure, you want an attractive awning, but one that has solid structural design and framing materials means that you’ve chosen an awning that will last a long time, too.

Material type and style also play a big role in the life of the awning. Find an awning company that can give you a breakdown of the life expectancy of your awning in your particular city and climate.

3. Which awning company makes designing and purchasing an awning the simplest?

You can decide on which awning style you like the most, but that doesn’t mean you’re an awning expert. That’s why you need a good team on your side. Find an awning company with a long-term reputation that can explain the pros and cons of your awning choice. If you don’t like the customer service, walk away early.

You also want to eliminate the hassle of awning shopping by finding a firm that’s a one-stop shop. The best companies can take care of your whole project, from helping you design the awning to its installation. If you don’t find a single-stop operation, you run the risk of vendors or other middlemen getting in the way of the speedy installation of your new awning.

4. Which awning can you afford?

There are lots of factors to consider when looking at the cost of an awning. First, you need to think about material type. A copper awning is pricier than an aluminum one, but copper awnings are also more durable in nasty weather. A complicated design on your awning will be pricier to construct than one that’s simpler and more straightforward. Map out your budget before you start on the design.

You also want to find an awning company that will respect the boundaries of your investment. Find a company that will build you a high-quality awning that will attract customers without blowing your budget. If you find a company that pressures you into designing an awning you can’t afford, it’s probably time to find a company that respects your needs.

The simplest way to find your ideal awning for your small business? Design it yourself. Design Your Awning can build an awning for you based on your exact specifications. They will create an awning based on what you want and deliver it to your door. Browse through some of the beautiful projects they have already made for customers to find your inspiration.

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