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Awning and Canopy News
Introducing Cannon Canopy
7/8/2016 1:21 pm

Here at Design Your Awning, we’re always innovating better ways to meet our customers’ needs. Aesthetic beauty and cost-effectiveness are important to you, so they’re important to us.

But simplicity is also a goal. From easy ordering to easy payment and installation, we want to make the process of buying an awning as smooth as possible.

We’re proud to announce something that’s going to make getting a new awning even simpler: Cannon Canopy. Our new kit gives you the awning you’ve always wanted.

Here, we’ll talk about what makes Cannon Canopy so special.

What is Cannon Canopy?

We’ve been designing and delivering awnings for a long time and we started noticing that a lot of people chose similar sizes and scrolls. That’s where the idea for Cannon Canopy came from. We looked through our most popular size and scrolls to find the ideal scroll that will work perfectly on any door or window.

So, here’s what you do.

First, choose the window or door – or windows and doors – that need an awning. Next, decide on the color for your awning. You can choose from our most popular awning colors: bronze, black, dark bronze, and natural copper. In just 5 to 7 business days, we’ll send the awning to you over UPS Ground – with free shipping. And that’s it! You’ll have your new awning or awnings in just 7 days.

Will the Cannon Canopy work for my home/business?

We think so, yes. The Cannon Canopy ranges 15-inches from its bottom to the top, so you need that much space above your door or window for installation. From your building to its tip the awning needs 36-inches and is 52-inches long itself.

What makes the Cannon Canopy different from other awning kits?

First of all, the Cannon Canopy is manufactured in the United States. We’ve combined all of our most popular awning sizes, colors, and scrolls in this kit, so we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it.

The awning comes already assembled, so you won’t waste any time. It’s also easy to install; we promise that you won’t need to hire a crew to help you. The Cannon Canopy comes with all of the hardware you need to attach the awning to any type of wood, brick, stone stucco, or siding surface. All you need to do to put up the Cannon Canopy is install three wall Z clips, set the awning into the clips, and finally attach the scrolls. It’s that simple.

Plus, the Cannon Canopy isn’t flimsy like other awning kits can be. The Cannon Canopy comes with all of the durability you’ve come to expect from Design Your Awning products. We manufacture the awning out of structural aluminum and then powder coat it for a finish that will last for the life of the awning. Its water-repellent construction means the awning is strong enough to withstand powerful winds and snow loads, as well as making it rust-proof with this baked-on finish.

What about costs and shipping?

We’ve made the Cannon Canopy extremely affordable. Our aluminum awning costs $750, while our copper awning costs $900. Shipping to anywhere in the United States and Canada is free. We’ll ship out your new awning in around a week, and you should expect your new awning to arrive at your door in around five to seven days. If you need any help with installing your awning when it arrives, just give us a call and we’ll happily talk you through it.

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