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Let Awnings Reduce Your Summer Energy Bill
5/27/2016 2:28 pm

Summer is made for wearing flip flops and sipping cold drinks by the pool, for enjoying long lazy days and warm starlit nights.

Even if your summer isn’t quite so leisurely, there’s something about that time of year that brightens our outlook and lightens our mood.

Of course, budgets are tighter, energy costs are rising, and summers are getting hotter than ever. The sun’s relentless heat can have us running to crank up the air conditioner, causing energy bills to spike.

It turns out, custom metal awnings can be part of the answer!

The U.S. Department of Energy reminds us that window treatments (including awnings) are the simplest and most effective way to reduce energy consumption.

The Data is In: Awnings Work

Recently, the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) conducted a 50-state study to explore the effects of awning use on energy consumption in the summer. They discovered that around 20% of the load on air conditioners can be attributed to the sun’s heat entering through windows. They also found that fabric awnings can reduce heat gain in south-facing windows by 55% to 65% during peak hours. For west-facing windows, that number goes up as high as 77%.

This translates to significantly reduced energy costs. For even a small home, it could mean an estimated $200 or more every year in savings.

Older Homes Get The Most Benefit

Designers already know that awnings provide the perfect way to play up the historic charm of an older home or bring outdated architecture into the present with contemporary style. They are also a fantastic way to make an older home more ecologically sustainable. Many homes that are older were not built with energy-savings in mind, giving them the most room for improvement through consumption reducing strategies. In fact, the PAMA study focused primarily on older homes, finding that awnings are a relatively inexpensive retrofit that can make old homes significantly more energy efficient.

More Reasons to Use Awnings

Another subject brought up in the PAMA study is air conditioner wear-and-tear. Using your A/C less will make it last longer, saving even more money in the long run.

Some additional benefits of window and door awnings use aren’t as easy to see. When several people in one geographical area reduce their air conditioner usage, the impact is significant. Demand for energy during peak hours goes down, meaning lower costs for utility companies. Generally, these savings are passed on to local customers in the form of reduced rates.

Good awnings are the quintessential blending of form and function. Use them to add aesthetic appeal while enjoying a host of energy saving benefits. Place individual awnings over each window, or commission a super-sized awning to shade the whole side of your house or turn your porch into a cool, shady place to relax on a hot summer day. To gain the maximum benefit from awnings, they must be well-made and properly installed.

Always consult trusted professionals like those at Design Your Awning before making any purchasing decisions. Get in touch today and we’ll discuss your needs.

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