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What Do Awnings Cost?
8/29/2016 2:33 pm

What Do Awnings Cost?

It’s no secret that there’s a huge price range between the cheapest metal awnings you can buy and the most expensive. While it isn’t always hard to tell that a cheap awning is flimsy and won’t last long, there are some factors that affect the cost of high-quality custom metal awnings, as well.

Here we’ll talk about three of the most significant factors affecting awning pricing so you can be better prepared to budget for your next awning purchase.

What would a copper gutter/awning package cost?


Awnings come in a number of different materials that affect their price. Here are some of the most common awning materials and their price points:

Canvas awnings. Canvas is the least expensive of all awning varieties. While it is inexpensive to install, relatively durable, and shade-producing, canvas does not last long in extreme weather. In particular, canvas awnings don’t do well in snow, rain, and harsh sunlight.

Aluminum and galvanized metal awnings. While more expensive than canvas awnings, these metal awnings also last longer and hold up better than canvas awnings do. If protected from the environment with a protective coating, these metals have long lives out in the weather. However, they can corrode, rust, and disintegrate after time in humid or salty climates.

Copper awnings. The most expensive of these three awning types, copper awnings, last for decades without decay and require little to no maintenance. Copper is unique because it develops its own patina, a naturally-occurring protective coating that gives it a lifespan measured in decades.

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Features and Accessories

The design you choose for your awning affects the price. Canvas awnings can have retractable features that let you roll or fold them up. Some canvas awnings have an automatic retractor feature that determines if it needs to be retracted during bad weather or high winds.

Copper is beautiful and long-lasting; it’s also a premium option.

If you like more ornate metal awnings with embellishments, these extras cost extra for the labor and materials. Additionally, if you want your awning to match the already-existing architectural features of your home, a skilled craftsman might need to spend hours of works replicating the design.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your intended design will affect its price. If you choose a high-quality metal, for example, each added square foot of that metal will add to its price. Other factors to consider include whether you want a retractable awning – one that can swing in and out – or a stationary one. This extra equipment, you guessed it, can cost extra, as well.

Consider the needs of your business or home before choosing an awning.

In the end, however, while awnings can be costly, they’ll give you a return on your investment in little time. In the summer, awnings shade your windows and doors from the sun, reducing your cooling costs. In the winter, awnings shade these same openings from the cold and snow, keeping your house warmer and lengthening the life of your windows and doors. If you install a copper door awning, for example, you can expect to lower these costs for decades and decades to come.

Whatever your budget and specifications are, Design Your Awning can work with you to create an awning that fits your bill. If you want a well-made and affordable awning, our Cannon Canopy offers aluminum and copper awnings delivered straight to your door. Otherwise, they can work with you to build an awning that matches your specifications – without going over your intended budget.

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